WX Bottling is owned and operated by WX and operates out of the Carneros Vintners complex in Sonoma county. WX purchased the bottling line at the end of 2013. After acquiring the appropriate permits, compliance regulations and ramping up production, WX Bottling started operating the facility under its own bond in 2015 through an Alternating Proprietorship agreement. Operating under the AP agreement allows us to do full-range production at the facility from grape all the way through bottling.

In 2015, WX Bottling bottled over 700,000 nine-liter 750ml cases of wine for national brands such as Chronic Cellars and Our Daily Wines, strategic partner brands such as FLO Wines and Rebel Coast Winery, a multitude of exclusive label brands for major retailers around the United States for WX, and also provided contract bottling services for numerous wineries, such as Schug Carneros Estate Winery.


>  Full grape to bottle production through our Alternating Proprietorship relationship with Carneros Vintners

>  Dry goods sourcing expertise and economy of scale pricing

>  Roughly 300,000 gallons of dedicated stainless steel tank capacity spread over 43 tanks, with sizes ranging from under 1,000 gallons to over 13,000 gallons

>  100 bottle per minute bottling line, which routinely produces over 4,000 cases a day and operates on a 4×10 shift schedule

>  Screw cap and cork finish bottling capabilities

>  Date and time laser etched coding on all bottles for complete traceability

>  Inkjet case printing including barcodes

>  CCOF certified for organic wines